Mimosa pudica 'Pink Sparkles'

Sensitive Plant, Touch Me Not

Amazing leaves fold up when touched. Fluffy pink seedheads. Prostrate prickly stems. 'Pink Sparkles' is slightly more cold tolerant than the species, but still needs fairly warm temperatures (over 50oF, 10oC). Can be grown as an annual. Amusing video of its leaves - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimosa_pudica#/media/File:Mimosa_Pudica.gif

Longevity:Short lived perennial
Growing Condition:Dry sun
Good For:Foliage
Flower Colour:Pink
Foliage Colour:Green
Germination:Sow in spring, thinly and shallowly. Keep warm (60-70oF) till germinates, then cooler


20 seeds per pack (approx).

Mimosa pudica 'Pink Sparkles' - medium image 1
Mimosa pudica 'Pink Sparkles' - small image 2 Mimosa pudica 'Pink Sparkles' - small image 3

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