Viburnum betulifolium

Flat topped, white, slightly fragrant flowerheads in May & June. Spectacular trusses of glossy red berries like redcurrants, last all winter because avoided by birds. Need both male and female plants to get good fruit set, so plant several together. Leaves like birch, hence the name. Slow to germinate. Hardy deciduous shrub to 10 ft

Plant Type:Shrub
Growing Condition:Light shade or sun
Good For:Seedheads & fruit
Flower Colour:White
Foliage Colour:Green
Germination:Sow in autumn, overwinter outdoors, germinates in spring. Or mix seed with damp vermiculite, keep warm 3 weeks, put in fridge 6 weeks, then sprinkle mix on compost and put in cool light place


Soak seed overnight, sow, keep warm three months, then cold three months. Or just sow outside and be patient
20 seeds per pack (approx).

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