Papaver nudicaule Deluxe Mix


Big tissue paper flowers in yellow, orange, pink & red. Likes sun & good drainage. Hardy, but short-lived. Only poppy good as cut flower. Can sow in spring and grow as an annual, or sow in late summer and grow as a biennial 20"

50 seeds per packet (approx).

Growing Condition:Dry sun
Season:Early summer
Good For:Long Blooming
Good For:Cut flower
Flower Colour:Mixed
Foliage Colour:Green
Germination:Surface sow, cover till germinates. For big plants, sow Sept, protect in winter, prick out early spring. Or sow March under cover. Or sow April outside. Or all 3 for sequence of bloom. Dislikes root disturbance

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Papaver nudicaule Deluxe Mix - small image 2
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